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EMR Features

Imagine an electronic medical record like no other. Imagine eliminating lost charts, missing charts, reconstructing charts, copying charts.  Imagine how much staff and nursing time is wasted looking for charts. Imagine having all your patient chart information: prescriptions, labs, MRI results, dictation, faxes, e-mail's, scanned images at your fingertips at anytime, with or without Internet access.

While EMR's are becoming very popular only a few are really standing out in front of the pack. Explore why MediTalk is rapidly becoming the "choice EMR" of physicians, nurses, and practice administrators. An EMR designed by physicians from the ground up to let doctors see patients quickly and efficiently while improving workflow and patient throughput. Giving physicians the confidence that even if the patient was addressed quickly, it was documented thoroughly and properly. MediTalk enables physicians to bring the power of the EMR into more places than ever. MediTalk EMR delivers the full productivity of an EMR from the waiting room, to the front desk, to the exam room, and completes it with the checkout process.   This allows your practice to maximize workflow and patient throughput while lowering your overhead.  Checkout why an investment in MediTalk's EMR can be the right prescription for taking the "pain out of practicing medicine" for your practice.

Features of MediTalk Enterprise:

Electronic patient check-in
Tired of having your patients fill out mounds of paperwork just for it to be refiled? Tired of reprinting the paper work that needs to be filled out by patients? Now with MediTalk's electronic patient check-in the patients can simply fill out their family history, social history, current medications, allergies and reviews systems electronically either in the office or on the Internet. Also have them fill out any type of HIPPA paperwork or consents. Most failures of EMR's are that they generate more paper and more processes and they eliminate. With MediTalk's Electronic Patient Check-in there is no need to print out multiple new patient packets, HIPPA paperwork, consent forms.  Only to have the paper rescanned back into the "paperless EMR"?  Quincy Systems bypass the whole process making the front office extremely productive. Not to mention there is no need for nurses, medical assistants or physicians to rewrite or dictate any of the above information. Speed up your dictation and charting process by having the patient do it for you!

Priority alerts
Instantly have patient lab results, MRI results, faxes and everything for you to review appear on your desktop. Nothing falls through the cracks. Sign off on your alert items/to-do items or forward them to another user for them to complete.

To-do list
Have an active ongoing list of all the items you need to do. An example might be what do you need to dictate for a day, or sometime in the future. With MediTalk you can for look at your to-do list and see all of your outstanding dictations you need to complete. No more guessing.

Never again worry about calling into your office to get your phone messages. With MediTalk callback's you can talk to any person in the office and they can instantly tell you every message you have without speaking to multiple people.

Have your schedule right in your EMR. If you are in a multiple physician practice you can simply look at the days schedule and choose the patient you want to chart. If you are covering for another physician simply look on their schedule and pick the patient to chart.

MediFax TM (Complete faxing solution)
Not just your basic outbound faxing solution.  This comprehensive package allows you not only to fax out doctor's notes, referral letters, prescriptions, lab results, and any type of scanned image. It also includes the ability to receive all faxes and an electronic mode that are turned into PDF files and tied to the specific patient. No reason to ever scan a fax into the EMR. A major timesaver for any practice. Save the paper and the time of scanning.

Media Manager TM  (Scanned documents)
Simply scan in any type of outside correspondence that would need to be associated with anyone's chart. Examples include any type of lab work, MRI results, Op notes, etc.  You then have access to this information anytime.  There is no more of "where is the chart or I can't find the chart".  Having access to the scanned documents is like having access to everything at your fingertips all the time. 

Interoffice e-mail
Forget the sticky notes and all the little pieces of paper that are filled out to make notes and reminders. Simply use the MediTalk interoffice e-mail feature to e-mail anyone in the office anything, attach the patient if necessary.

Patient waitlist
Know exactly where a patient is in the process of being seen. This electronic tracker shows you where the patient is located. Not only were they are but how long they've been there. This very useful utility can track the time the patient spends in each area. Run our extensive patient waitlist reports to find out where your bottlenecks are so you can improve patient throughput. Improve your patient satisfaction outcomes as well.

MediSketch TM (Medical sketchpad)
Give your patients specifically what they want. Draw it out before their eyes. With MediTalk's medical sketchpad you can take a picture of anything and draw it up for them to see. Sometimes a picture is worth a millions words. For example, use a picture of a knee and draw all over it. You can save it right into the patience chart to document the education and what you showed them.   You just tell us what pictures you want to use.

Give yourself the ability to have access to your patient charts at any time or place with or without Internet access. No more worries about being on a wireless network and losing the signal. With MediTalk's synchronization you can take all your patience charts, scanned images, faxes, MRI results, all notes, letters and prescriptions with you. When you get a phone call you can simply look up the patient on your tablet PC or laptop and have access to their complete chart. No more having to reinterrogate the patient and asking them what their medications and allergies were on again or asking them when was the last time I saw you. Give the patient the confidence that you remember whom they are making them feel like you saw them today.

Compliant E/M Documentation
Easily create E/M compliant documentation by using MediTalk's specialty specific templates. MediTalk's come with thousand of templates that cover level I-V. Create notes using our medical voice-recognition software or simply use our pre-built click option and pick list templates. Or you may use a combination of all that best suits your style of practice.

Comprehensive prescription management
With one click of a mouse or one voice command simply creates a prescription. With MediTalk's prescription module you can prescribe Vicodin or any medication and be assured that the correct refill date is automatically figured for you. No more worries about prescription recalls.  Simply run a report and find all the patients that are on a specific medication and generate a letter to mail them about the recall. Also simply print or fax to the pharmacy a very legible prescription. Eliminate mistakes of handwritten prescriptions.

Need help coding? Use MediTalk's Code-Assist to help you. We have a list of ICD9 and CPT codes by specialty to help you.

Want to interface with your billing software? No problem MediTalk has written over a hundreds of interfaces for different billing software packages. We even have an HL7 kit. We have interfaces with windows billing products such as McKesson, Medisoft, Lytec, and GE Centricity. We have also interfaces with a number of UNIX systems such as Mysis, and Medical Manager. Call us about your specific billing product or billing service.

Complete System Reporting
Want to do some prescription research, diagnosis research reporting, patient diagnosis history or lab history reporting. Due almost any type of data query and have all the information at your finger tips! Try to pull all the paper charts to find out all this information.

Automatic Patient Caller
Don't waste your staff time by calling patients to remind them of their appointment. With MediTalk's automatic patient caller this is done automatically for you. Free of valuable staff time to do more important tasks.

HIPPA security
MediTalk guarantees that you're EMR product is 100% HIPPA compliant.


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